The park and features

Here's a list of the features that were already built and used in 2018:

Junior/Ladies/Masters line:
2 jumps in line (3.5 and 3m air) and the small drop next to jumps line
Pro line:
Speed box (3m high) to big jump (5.5m), to medium step up jump (4m), to rail or wallride.

For 2019, there will be extensive work on the park prior to the event, including: all jumps made bigger, brand new kickers and rails. We don't want to spoil the surprise, but you will like it!

Did we mention work has started already?

A digger working on the course

A digger working on the course

May 20th update - more pictures

The small jump line

Large jump landing

Quality dirt

How to get there

The event is located at the following address:

Mosquito Spot
Moszczenica 87
Postal Code 32-744 Bochnia

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Flying in

The closest Airport is Kraków Airport (KRK), which is a 45-minute drive to the track. Map from Kraków

The cheapest flights are into Katowice (KTW), which is a 1.5-hour drive to the track Map from Katowice

Hotels and camping

We have a large space, but without water connection on the spot there will be only 2 toilets (without a shower)
  • Hotel Lech (3 minutes from the park)
    Parking and breakfast included
    Single room - 90PLN (about 20€)
    Triple room - 160PLN (+ -38€)
  • Hotel Centrum-Konferencyjne Nowa Bochnia (10 minutes from the park)
    1-4 person rooms. Price: 70-120 PLN (18-30€) per night/person.